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Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Chapter...

Thursday June 3, 2010...nothing! UHG...where did the time go? I already miss the fact that I won’t have to rush home, change into my semi clean yoga clothes and speed to Burlington. Although teacher training is complete...our gathering isn’t. A bunch of us are getting together tonight at the “LSD Yoga Palace”
“The LSD Yoga Palace”

Sounds bad if I don’t explain myself. “Lindsey, Shannon & Devon” Yoga Palace.

I moved into my new place last Saturday. My Dad, my brother Chris and my amazing friend Amanda helped me move in. I had finally finished packing the night before. I total of 12 boxes I think, a bed, nightstands, two dressers and my new TV. We started early, after Chris and I finished our Tim’s of course. It was such a beautiful day too. Thank god it wasn’t raining. I love how Amanda showed up in yoga clothes...ready to work! We started to bring everything downstairs, and Amanda and I even did one of my dressers. “Who said yoga doesn’t make you strong!”
We only made two trips from my parent’s home to my home. It was much easier saying bye to my Mom on the front lawn then the airport balling my eyes out. At least we didn’t make a scene this time.
My Dad and Chris got started on putting together my new bed, while Amanda and I unpacked my toiletries into my new bathroom. We listened to music, while Chris and my Dad discussed the finale of LOST. I gave my two cents where I could until they changed the topic to golf.
We finished around 1pm. I thanked Amanda SO much for ALL her help and she did WAY more than what was asked (AMAZING friend!) I went back to my parent’s house to eat lunch. I also went grocery shopping in their fridge.
I drove back to my new place and started unpacking. I HAD to. I hate living out of boxes and knew I needed to be settled and comfortable. Lindsey came home and was completely startled that was I ALL MOVED IN AND SETTLED! We hung out for a bit, but I was EXHAUSTED and dirty! While she and Jay (her BF) ate dinner I went and showered. That night I went out with Linds, her BF Jay and his friends. HOW much fun was that!?! Despite the fact that I wanted to pass out...I had a blast meeting all these interesting new people. I know I’ll only meet more in the future.
Monday morning was beautiful. I woke up and did my first yoga session on our back deck overlooking the golf course...heaven! I couldn’t help but smile the entire time, and remind myself that LIFE IS GOOD!

I’ve had my moments of uncertainty, and concern...but that’s a “Borycheski” trait I’m stuck with. Some of the same feelings from Vancouver hit me over the weekend and I do have to admit, I broke down. Whether it was the exhaustion or the first time I stopped and realized what has happened to me over the last 18 months. HOLY SHIT! So much has changed, and my emotions got the best of me. I guess something needed to be released. I continued to think about all the positives rather than the negatives. I live with two of the most amazing woman. Lindsey and Shannon have lived on their own for a while and we’ve all gone through similar things. They’re smart, responsible, but know how to live laugh and love! I feel I will learn a lot through them and this experience.

Tonight we’re having all our teacher training friends over for some food, wine and relaxation...NO studying, but I can’t promise there won’t be any YOGA!

Life is good...changing everyday...I’m up for the challenge and I will prove I’m willing and able!

2 ½ weeks (June 20th) until I teach my class in Burlington...EXCITED!!!

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