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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"One small step..."

I’m still meeting every Monday with Simps and continuing with our one on one yoga practice. The last few times we’ve gotten together we’ve done a full 60-75 min flows which leaves us both a sweaty mess! It’s been awesome. I really appreciate how Simps is very open and honest before, during and after our practice. She’s able to tell me where she can or can’t feel things and something where she feels them too much. This is a fantastic teaching strategy for me because I able to stop and think for a moment, without having to worry about the pressure of 20 other students waiting for me to continue.
Simp’s has definitely come a long way. I noticed this for the first time last week when we went from down dog to crescent lunge. When stepping her one leg in to meet her hands at the front for high lunge, she would always stop half way and have to physically lift and bring her leg to the front due to the lack of flexibility. When we tried it again this week, she did it with ease. I had to stop make sure she noticed and acknowledged as it was a very big step for pun intended. I was really proud of her.
This week I wrote down a few poses I wanted to make sure I practice with her as we haven’t done them yet like Half moon, Trikonasana, Warrior 3 and Hero. I appreciate the fact that Simps is so willing that she’ll go right back into the pose if she’s fallen out, and won’t move on until she’s grasped the concept of it, or at least the integration.
Simps and I have both learned a lot about yoga, and about each other. I look forward to next Monday when we work on Handstands/inversions...or at least “getting there” We’re going to be doing a lot of wall work in order to prep. I think she looked excited when I told her.

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