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Monday, June 7, 2010

Broke, but not broken.

My friend Amanda was teaching her first class yesterday in Burlington. I was super excited for her as I had no doubt she would be amazing. I went to assist with her and ultimately be there for moral support. I arrived in Burlington and went to put on my amethyst mala that would not only keep me calm, but hopefully give off the vibrations to Amanda and the rest of the students in the room as well.

As I put the mala around my neck and went to grab the rest of my things I started to hear what sounds like rain the pavement. As I looked down, I noticed my beautiful necklace had broken right at the crystal and the beads were falling to the ground. I just stood disbelief. Can these break!?! Then I couldn’t help but think what this represented....What could THIS mean!?!

I put it all behind me for now as I had to concentrate of being present for Amanda. I didn’t even tell her what had happened to my necklace.
This morning as I got into my car I saw my Mala sitting there in the little bag with all the beads. I guess I really did tuck that away deep and I had totally forgotten about it. There was a lot of excitement yesterday with a lot of my very close friends/roomies doing their first classes.
After I emailed Diana to tell her the bad news and if there was any way she could fix it; I went onto Google and for fun, typed in “broken mala” to my surprise...It DOES have a meaning.

I found a few different meanings/stories:

“When your mala breaks, that means you've learned something. You've made a breakthrough.”

“Not a bad omen, at all. Usually, it's a GOOD omen. Often means that some karma has been released. What KIND of karma is determined by where it broke (between what beads?)”

“The cording or wire used to string the Mala will eventually break with use over time. Even though this is a natural process, one can also see this as a positive expression of the law of cause and effect, creating good karma. The more you use the Mala to pray and recite mantra the sooner it wears out. However, this is not to suggest one shouldn't treat it well. When it eventually breaks, this is a constant reminder of the Lord Buddha's principal teaching on summary, "all things are subject to dissolution, decay and change." In addition, the breakage of a mala can also serve to protect you in times of potential danger. Malas have been known to "take the hit" on your behalf so you are protected.”

I’ve asked Diana to please see if she’s able to restring it as I was able to collect most of the beads that fell off.

I take this as a great omen. One consisting of change, development and resolution. This past week has been a major rollercoaster for me in regards to my feelings and emotions. I’ve had more than one breakdown. I’ve moved out of my house for a second time and I’ve completed my Yoga teacher training course. Among other changes in my life that I’ve felt at the time were awful and discouraging, I now look at them as a release and movement forward. This is a new beginning for me, a new life, and a new chance!

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