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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Planet Workout

So I was talking to my friends from yoga and the thought came up to look elsewhere for a teaching position as the positions we wanted just weren’t available that moment. I had put myself out there on Craig’s List, kijiji, websites and emailed/called EVERY yoga studio I could that didn’t take an hr out of my day to get to. This unfortunately took Toronto out of the picture as I think the commute would have just added more stress to the equation.

The thought of sending in my resume to gyms was put into my head more than once. Maybe that was a sign? I just never thought about a gym as i knew a lot of gyms had their own “flows” and I would have had to take THEIR course which really didn’t align with my belief of what yoga is and should be. I did finally give in and sent my resume to the gym I use to belong to, Planet Workout, Mississauga. I knew they had Pilates, spin, kickboxing and from what I was told by a few members they did have a yoga class, but it wasn’t that good. I decided to write them a letter explaining what I could offer them and their members.
I received a call from Frank, the owner and manager of Planet Workout the next day saying he really wanted to meet with me to discuss the possibility of putting together a yoga class. I can’t begin to tell you HOW excited I was to hear from him, AND get the chance to meet with him and talk about MY PASSION. We set the date up for the next Monday.

After my amazing weekend reconnecting with friends, meeting new people, and having a great time celebrating life, I couldn’t wait until Monday...that’s a first! I was excited and knew I had this in the bag! I just had to be myself....I AM YOGA! I have so much to offer, share and want to share that with everyone. I want people to FEEL what I feel EVERYDAY! Love, happiness and enlightenment!

I met with Frank at the gym in his office. We talked for about an hour. He asked what I wanted to do and what I was looking for. My goals for now and for the future, and ultimately what I can offer his gym members that no one else has offered before. I was confident enough, and I know I am worth it so I didn’t really have trouble finding an answer to his questions. It was simple...share my love of yoga with the world. I am walking PROOF of the amazing positive qualities yoga has to offer and I promise if you give me at least an hr just a few’ll fall in love. There is just too much to gain and can help anyone with just about anything. At the end of the day, if you leave my class with just sweat on your least you’ve motivated your body, helped strengthen your heart and increased your blood flow...that’s good enough for now.
Frank is giving me two weeks to build a clientele that will help sustain a steady income. To him it’s not going to be worth it if only a handful of people are coming to my class...I don’t think that way at all as I would be 100% happy with one person coming to my class. I guess I do have to look at this from a business perspective as well though. Frank is currently making me a poster and I have already made my face book page. 58 members so far and growing.

I’m really excited about this as I get my own room, my own area to make my own. He told me I’m allowed to do what I want with it. Posters, flowers, candles. I am overjoyed and a little overwhelmed. I start Monday June 28th at 7pm as well as Tuesday. I would like to increase my hours on the weekends as well. The great thing about this yoga class is that you DON’T have to be a member to take the class; this alone gives people the freedom without the pressure of signing any contracts.
My flows are planned with basic intermediate and advanced poses. There will be something for everyone. I look forward to pushing people to their boundaries and really showing them what their body can do! Smiling faces and laughter when people go into a pose they never thought was possible. Relaxed and enlightened minds bodies and souls after they experience YOGA!

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