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Monday, March 5, 2012

Music & Yoga

If you’re like me and music is LIFE then you’ll appreciate this blog.

I always get asked if I play music during class what type of music I select. This has been something I’ve thought about since I started teaching yoga. DO I play music? Do I not play music? Personally, when I’m taking a class and my teacher/mentor played music it was nice and relaxing. I remember when my favorite most inspiring yoga teacher, Kinndli played music; it was something VERY upbeat with bass (Telepopmusik - Breathe) that made me want to jump outta my pose and start dancing. Although fun, it didn’t help keep me present. However, being a student and not a trained teacher at the time might have made a difference.

"If music doesn't serve the principles of focus and concentration, it shouldn't be used,"

Personally, music takes me away. I get lost in the lyrics, melody and my own thoughts. Every song and lyric for me is somehow connected to a memory in my life as I have music playing during EVERYTHING I do so it’s hard NOT to be absent. Having said that, it’s also relaxing and I feel I’m at a place in my practice where I can stay focused on my body AND get lost in the music at the same time. Keep in mind, that this is something that has taken quite some time for ME to master.
When I’m teaching I tend to play very relaxing meditative music that helps with the flows and balance. This can also sometimes hinder someone’s performance and awareness as they get SO relaxed they forget their strength and focus.
On the contrary, music can also have the opposite effect on one’s mind and actually aid in the concentration process and take their minds off the surrounding woes of everyday life.

During my own flows and home practices with just me, myself and I, I play music that comforts ME. Kendrick Lamar, Coldplay, Pharcyde, Common and Adele…

This really all comes down to experience and practice. Since everyone is different, every yoga class and student will be different. If you’re a teacher, give it a try and if you’re a student, be mindful of what music does to you on different days. Take all of it into consideration and use it a guide to further your learning and training.