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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Expanding...and THANKFUL!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Update....LONG OVERDUE...

I have really neglected my blog. Obviously not on has just gotten VERY busy with my new yoga practice/studio, my best friend got married, living on my own...and to be honest, it’s all moving SO fast. It’s only when I stop to take a breath and really evaluate my surroundings (which I feel I need to do more often) is when I come back to my blog. I’ve promised myself I would write...I knew when I was ready again I would.
Planet workout is still in the early stages. I was a little discouraged at the beginning to say the least. I wasn’t getting anyone coming in. It took me by surprise. This was more difficult than I had thought. With the help and support of family and friends I was able to spread the word around the city and slowly and surly more people seemed interested and started to show up. I’ve had a LOT of support from all my friends and family, and especially those who came to take my class.
I’ve been trying to extinguish the stigma around yoga within the gym. A lot of men are there, working out, lifting weights and working on getting BIGGER. I want them to know how much yoga would benefit them in terms of flexibility, range of motion, stamina and getting over those plateaus. I didn’t realize how much EGO I had to break’s still a work in progress. It’s not their fault either...when you don’t have the knowledge and support how can you really feel comfortable opening yourself up to something that new and different.
It’s a work in progress, and I am determined to get more people, especially men into my classes. I’m working on a Men’s Only yoga class, Body Building Yoga and a few more classes that will help people understand that yoga isn’t JUST about peace, breathing, and meditation....there’s SO much more!
I still teach a few times a month at Kula which is a dream come true for me. My class size at PW is about 3-4 people while Kula is close to about 50. It’s a very different experience and I’m thankful that I’ve had so much practice at PW and feel much more confident while teaching a room full of amazing yogi’s at Kula.
I haven’t lost touch with my close group of girls from Training. I live with two of them and it’s been wonderful. Lots of laughter, yoga, heart to heart talks. Lind’s and Shan actually take the time out of their day to see how I’m doing, ask how my day and life is going and genuinely care. It’s been really nice and easy for me to get settled. It can still be lonely at times, as I took for granted just having people in the home....however I can’t lie, I like having the time to myself.
I’m not doing as much yoga as I use to after the teacher training, and I really do miss it. I mostly miss those 5 hr practices on our weekend retreats. I think it’s only because summer has been so busy with new and exciting events that I haven’t had the time. We’re coming close to the end of summer now and I’m planning to get right back into it +more. Really focusing my time and energy on my teaching, guiding and especially my own self practices...something I never thought I would enjoy, but now realize how much I love and can’t live without.
I was fortunate enough to meet up with a remarkable young woman yesterday names Brittany. She was given my name by a mutual friend, Krista. Krista and I grew up together where we had a cottage ever summer. Brittany came to my yoga class yesterday and we went out for tea afterwards. What an amazing woman, and her stories are even better. She’s so inspiring and I really look forward to getting to know her better and hopefully working towards mutual aspirations in the future.
Last night made me really appreciate how small the world really is, and how people really do come into our lives for a reason. I’m pretty sure I’ve met, or at least seen Brittany while I was little...who knew that we would reconnect in the future after BOTH our lives changed so much. I am grateful and excited for all there is to come.