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Monday, June 28, 2010

MY biggest cheerleader!

With today being my FIRST day teaching @ Planet Workout I am VERY excited...and as the hours count down, a little more nervouse then when I first woke up this morning. Now that I'm teaching Monday evenings @ PW, this means I wont be able to meet Simps for yoga like I have been for the past month. This is bitter sweet because I enjoyed practicing/teaching with her so much. She is very proud and supportive of me and I know we'll have time again in the future to meet up.
She wrote me this today on my FB page and I was touched more than words could express. I love you Simps and Thank you for teaching ME so much. :)

"With two children, life can be quite busy. Yoga with Devon helps me take a breath, and focus on the present. It helps to relax, calm and re-energize me for the rest of my day/week. Having taken Devon's class for only a few weeks, I have noticed, I am stronger, more flexible and more willing to push myself. This is not to say yoga is easy, especially not Devon's classes! Devon will push you to hold a pose till you want to cry...and then ask you to hold it for one breath longer. When you do it though, she is your biggest cheerleader. She will ask you to "shine brighter" and to "melt your heart", and will help you become aware of the way your muscles work together. Devon is an extremely compassionate and knowledgeable individual and will listen to your needs and help you make yoga work for you."
Seemen Muqtadir.

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