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Friday, May 28, 2010


WHERE to start!?!

Well...I’ve graduated! I’ve successfully completed 200+ hours of Yoga Teacher Training and I am officially a Certified Yoga Practitioner!! I feel ALIVE with energy, success, courage and spirit! What a journey this has become...and I’ve said it MANY times before... It doesn’t end here.

I remember when we first started the teacher training, looking around the room at these woman and men and being overwhelmed with beauty, grace, knowledge, FLEXIBILITY, and strength! I would have NEVER thought that I was going to end up loving these people the way I do today. I would have never imagined the friendships, support, laughter and excitement I was granted because of this course. For this and so much more, I am truly grateful!

When I began the course I remember saying “I just wanna learn Dancer’s” SEE...I’ve changed! “Just” What was I thinking? I guess I wasn’t thinking. I wasn’t aware of HOW much I would learn, what doors would open for me and how far down the rabbit hole my mind was able to go. No doubt this WAS challenging for me at times. I think at times EVERY one of us felt like we might not be cut out for this, or actually strong enough to proceed. Along with the support of my loved ones, family and friends, my Kula...I survived and NEVER gave up! About my “goal” I CAN do Dancer’s, it’s MY Dancer’s and it’s beautiful! I can also do Adho Mukha Svanasana, Adho Mukha Vrksasana, Ardha Chandrasana and Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, which is one of my favorites! I’ve learned that it’s not about “looking” a certain way, it’s about feeling it. Not only have I learned to move my body in ways I only imagined. I’ve learned about WHO I am, WHO I want to be and HOW I will get there. I’ve accomplished a lot over the last yr and especially the last 6 months. I’ve reached a lot of goals, which has led me to only add more to the list. Over the next year I would like to continue to teach in a yoga studio, teach privates/one on ones. Start a Yoga class during lunch and/or before work at the company I work for. Raise money and take part in more fundraisers. Travel to Bali, take as many yoga workshops/trainings as I can…and continue along the path of enlightenment. Sounds good right!?
I look forward to reaching ALL my goals, adding new ones to the list and really pushing my boundaries. I know I have a million people rooting for me on the sidelines and I am SO appreciative that you’ll be able to watch me grow and witness my dreams become my reality.

I want to begin thanking my parents for ALL the support they gave me during this course. From the day I brought it to their attention they weren’t hesitant, they told me to GO FOR IT and have believed in my from the beginning. I owe them more than they realize and I love them MORE and more each day. I remember coming home after LATE Thursday night practices and being filled with excitement and couldn’t wait to tell my Dad what I had just learned or did. I remember my Mom always being SO amazed with how much work I was doing...and always made me feel SO great and accomplished! I love you both SO much! XoXo

Thank you to my brother Chris for being the one to introduce me to yoga! WOW...can you believe this!?! Your support and guidance have been more than wonderful. I am truly grateful to have such a close, loving, caring brother who isn’t afraid to be honest with me. I look forward to doing yoga together, sharing what I’ve learned and finally paying you back for ALL you’ve taught me. I look up to you and you really do inspire me! Thank you for ALWAYS being there for me...I love you! XoXo

Thank you to my Aunt Irene who I have found a beautiful relationship with. I have enjoyed ALL our emails and conversations. I truly believe you were brought into my life NOW to mentor me through all of this and BOY was it enlightening. I know we’re only going to deepen our relationship and that’s SO exciting for me! I look forward to learning more about you, and myself, together. I love you! XoXo

Thank you to ALL my amazing friends (especially the ones who actually “followed” me!) and family for reading my blog and being so interested in my journey! I loved hearing your thoughts about my entries and loved having to explain them to you after. Thank you for coming to support my yoga fundraiser and trying yoga for the first time...even though it wasn’t YOUR thing. You have NO idea what this meant to me, and how grateful I am that EACH of you is in my life. You’ve been MORE than supportive and I really look forward to sharing more with all of you in the future. True friendships like these don’t come very often and I know each of you will be in my life forever! I love you!! XoXo


Steph J- I know we’re connected deeper than both of us probably even realize. I’m glad YOU understand my spirit, help me flourish and expand and I NEED you to know I love you and am truly appreciative that we have an everlasting bond. Tiny Devotions just got THAT much better!!! I love you.

Amanda- I LOVE your sweaty hands. Your early morning emails. Your love for your family, Ryan, and Tyson (Murphy needs to meet him!). You make me laugh, you GET me and I love how HONEST and genuine you are! Thank you for helping me move into my new home...get use to it cause you’ll practically be living there too. P.S THANK YOU FOR FINALLY stepping into the world of technology and getting a NEW phone that WORKS! I love you!

Shannon- SHANNONAGINS! I LOVE that I’m going to be able to laugh so hard with you EVERYDAY...and I’ll I have to do is walk 10 feet to the bedroom beside me! This is so exciting and I can’t wait for all of this to begin. Thank you for having the idea and asking me to move’ve changed my life! I can’t wait for more fun nights by the fire with marshmallows and wine! It’s been a blast watching you “stay integrated and shit!” I love you!

Lindsey-Your brain amazes me to no end! I adore the way you think and how incredibly intelligent you are. I can’t WAIT to live with you and hear a different side to things. Thank you for having the idea and asking me to move it...this is JUST the start Tinkerbell! You inspire me and make me want to LEARN! I WAIT for the day when you run across the hall into my room and say “LOOK WHAT I JUST LEARNED” Teach me how to tumble. I love you!!

Michelle-You love my READ my blog and are truly genuinely interested! THANKS! I love how fragile you are but how HOLY SHIT strong you are! I really loved talking with you and the advice you always gave to me was not only RIGHT...but REAL! SCREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!! I look forward to you coming over and always being the first to try a new drink we made up like marshmallows and baileys. Be careful with those plastic tongs! Your hugs lift my spirit! I love you!

Emily- My dearest sweetheart. HOW cute are you!?! We have a bond (FISH!) I wrote about you in my first blog and TODAY, I’m SO glad to have been given the chance to work with you, get to know you, cry with you, and most of all love you! You always think of other first and ALWAYS make sure that everyone’s included. Thanks for that AMAZING lunch time phone call...and for future reference...I’m ALWAYS feeling spontaneous! Lookin forward to LOTS of cuddles! I love you.

Grant: Not only do you AMAZE me, but you inspire me and make me BELIEVE! You have this courage and strength that radiate right to my heart, but you do everything with such grace and beauty. I remember when I asked if you could bring me back a shell when you went on your retreat and not only did you bring me back a brought two of the most beautiful fragile shells I’ve ever seen, in a deodorant bottle wrapped in Kleenex that I STILL have! Thank you for always going above and beyond. I really look forward to working and learning SO much for with you.

Colin- Last...but not least. I can’t begin to tell you what this journey has done for me. The friends and family who read this blog KNOW how much you mean to me. You always gave it to me straight up and knew things before I did. You’re remarkable with your talents and truly have a wonderful gift. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to shine, believe and SHOW me I actually DO have the force within! I look forward to EVERYTHING the future holds...this is SO exciting.

To the 26+ other amazing yogi superstars in my Teacher Training 2010. THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure getting to know EACH and every one of you. Working with you, and moving closer and closer toward each of our goals. These friendships are true and everlasting. I know I don’t have to say “keep in touch” we are each other’s KULA!
Kim, Tree, Lisa, Patricia, Jenny, Sarah, Aspasia, Geralyn, Kaja, Derek, Sandra, Mary Lynn, Steph C, Izabela, Jaunita, Janet, Daphne, Daniel, Sheri, Simone, Paola. XoXo!!!

Please remember to stay true to yourself; live in the moment...and KNOW when you’re at the front of that yoga room leading a practice you have the STRENGTH and SUPPORT of ALL of us behind you! We’re all amazing and should be VERY proud of ourselves...


Namaste Xo

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