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Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 DAYS OF BLISS... #4

So far in the 3 classes of Moksha yoga I’ve been to, no instructors I’ve had the pleasure to flow with correct or aid a student during a pose and/or flow. They don’t touch, or correct anyone. This isn’t wrong in anyway, as most of us were taught to only use touch or guidance with a student when comfortable and given permission by the student themselves. Personally I like when a teacher gives me guidance or advice during my flow and even shows me a way to benefit more from the posture. I take it with an open heart because I know as a teacher myself they’re only trying to better my practice. Today we had an instructor who was very in tune with each of her students. There were only about 8 of us so it’s easy to reach each student physically and/or mentally. I liked her immediately because of her teaching style and her personal style. She had amazing long blonde and brown hair with tattoos everywhere! Gorgeous yoga inspired tattoos too. It was hard to pay attention to anything else as she walked by as she was so colourful. There’s a difference in each style of yoga and how you’re taught to flow from downward dog, plank, chutarunga and cobra or upward dog. She definitely noticed my Hatha, Anusara inspired background and helped me flow through the Moksha flow. There are subtle differences but they do make a big difference! Ones that my body aren’t use to so it woke up a whole new set of muscles. Tomorrow’s my last 6am class and I’ll get a nice break over the weekend where my classes can start later around 10 or noon. I do have to admit when I got home this morning at 730am and realized it was garbage day and had forgotten to put the garbage out the night before, there was ONE more reason I was thankful for early am classes.

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