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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

30 DAYS OF BLISS... #3

I didn’t sleep well…Maybe I was excited for my first 6am class…??? It was easy getting up today. I think it has to do with the fact that I’m a morning person and I’ve never pushed the snooze button. The split second my alarm goes off I’ve jumped out of bed already. There actual times where I will wake up 5 seconds before my alarm goes off. The roads were wet and relatively empty so it made for a quick drive to the studio. There were only 10 people in class this am…still a little shocked with the amount of seriously dedicated yogi’s in Burlington. Just a quick question…have you ever been in Savasana and actually fell asleep only to be JOLTED awake with one of those falling dreams…ya…me neither. I’m also glad my stomach wasn’t the ONLY one making those funny “I’m hungry” noises. I guess when there’s only 10 people in the room, there’s a lot more of an echo. The instructor, Doug started us in plank…common…really?!?! GOOD MORNING ABS! Not only did we start in plank, we stayed there for a good 3 minutes. Moving to standing series we did a good series of high lunge, runners lunge and even the stretch I really needed, low lunge which my psoas thanked me for! This was a really great practice because we did a lot of the postures I felt I had been missing due to a different practice. We did my favorite, Trikonasana, Extended side angle and even a lunge with a prayer twist. I’m pretty sure I was smiling throughout the entire practice. I have to say being able to do Pigeon EVERY class is truly a highlight! Tomorrow and Friday will both be 6am classes so I’m ready and hopefully it will be this easy to get up EVERY day. I’m questioning why I’ve never done this before; I’m also reminding myself its ONLY day3. Have a SAFE and Happy Halloween everyone!

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