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Monday, November 12, 2012


Happy Day 15!! I’ve made it half way through. I know I said I would blog everyday…but life is just too busy these days so I’m going to make an effort to blog when I can. Today was a special class because it my half way mark and I am proud of myself! My body is starting to change, and also hurt. Little injuries are starting to arise that I’m becoming more watchful over. I was actually told this was going to happen. In the past I’ve practiced yoga for LONG periods of time and for many days, but never for 30 days straight without rest. I will keep going until I reach my goal of 30 days. I am still excited as day 1. Today I decided to do an 830pm class instead of the morning classes. So far all the classes I’ve gone to have been 90minutes and before noon. I wanted to see if there was going to be noticeable differences between the two. I can honesty tell you that the energy level is the same. I’m tired in the am, and I’m just as tired after a long day as well. Having said that my balance is ON POINT in the evening! Definitely 90% better. It could be the fact I’ve been moving all day and my muscles and feet have been worked, or it could be that maybe my body isn’t as tired as 6am. Either way it was great to do full tree and dancers and feel that full stretch! A big difference between am and pm classes is my mind. I am all in my head at night. In the morning, although I’m a vivid dreamer, I don’t have much to really think about as not much has happened before 6am so I find it easier to let my thoughts come and go. At night I’ve had a full day of talking to people, planning things, having fun and enjoying life…all I do is think! I found it very hard to just let go and be present today. Muscle wise my body stretches better and further in the evening than the morning and I have a feeling I’ll be sleeping much better tonight than other nights. Overall I’m glad I chose to do this evening class as it gave me a chance to really see what I need to work on and what I’d like to work on. It always comes down to being present in the moment. Tuning in and working on just being me and letting everything just be. The teacher said something to the class that really resonated with me. Yoga is about patients! I REALLY believe this and feel this deserves its own blog. Stay tuned. Have a great rest of your night…Here’s to another amazing 15 days ahead!

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  1. Its great to see that you have chosen to committ to 30 days of constant Yoga. It definitely takes dedication to turn a practice into a lifestyle, but I believe in you, and im postive you are strong enough to complete it with no sweat. I like that Yoga opens up your body and your mind to the wavelength of the universe and it's cool that you teach people to do that every day. I know that your going to do amazing because your an amazing person, and im going to always support you. Peace, Love xoxo