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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


OMG....I missed my OWN anniversary. That’s what happens when you’re a busy yoga teacher ;)

It was officially a year on November 2nd. I read my post from last November when I first started my journey to become a yoga instructor. I was eager and alive with spirituality, and a little nervous as being back in the heat and sweat of a hot yoga room made my muscles tingle with the idea of where I would be in one year from now. Actually, I think I was on a shorter term, more like 6 months from now. I was already looking ahead and couldn’t wait to start. One year FLEW by, and SO many amazing things have happened.

I took the yoga teacher training course, passed along with 30 of the most amazing people I have EVER met. I made 30 new friends, and about 8 VERY close sister like relationships that will live strong forever. I moved in with two of those girls from my class and now have the best roommates anyone could ask for. I went on an emotional journey and learned more about myself in the past year than someone does in a life time. I not only conquered stale emotions, but postures I never thought I’d be able to do, let alone say. I did it ALL for me! As conceded as that may sound…it was really the first thing I have actually done for me, so I’m going to enjoy that!

Since then I have started teaching regular yoga classes at Planet Workout. It started as a pay as you go, and me having ZERO people. To being a part of the PW family, a paid instructor with over 18 people in my class. I finally got it FREE for members at PW and have been climbing my way to the top ever since. I have also gotten a few amazing guys to join who are now reaping all the benefits yoga has to offer. I am overwhelmed with gratefulness, smiles and love for everyone who helped me reach some of my goals. This has been an incredible journey thus far. I am excited to see where life, PW and yoga takes me next; Who I get introduced to? What amazing people will stumble into my path?

Shout outs to EVERYONE who has entered my life as you have made it THAT much better.

SO much appreciation to EVERYONE who has followed my blog so far. I’ve received lots of comments and letters from all of you letting me know that I wasn’t alone in this journey and THAT meant a lot!

Thank you!

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