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Monday, April 12, 2010


This weekend was our Family and Friends Karma Night. We are raising money for our fundraiser for Mt Sinai hospital on April 25th. It’s a yoga marathon! Our goal was to reach $1500...since we started about two months ago we have been able to triple that.

Our plan for last Saturday was to split up into two groups of 4/5 one group being “Rock and Roll Yoga” and the group I was a part of “Balahasaurya Yoga” which simply means strength and courage and what we based our classes intention on.
We all got together around 5pm to practice practice practice! I was up first as I was leading the warm up. I felt myself stumbling over my words. I didn’t know what to say, and I wasn’t comfortable. The weird thing was that these were my girls! I was ALWAYS comfortable around them. No judgment, nothing. I was wondering what I was going to be like in front of people I didn’t know, and my family and friends.
We quickly had a team meeting before people started to come to the studio. Lindsey made us amazing uniforms for the 25th, and some of us even wore them that night. Everyone was pumped and ready to go.
The studio started to fill up, and laughter, smiles, excitement and happiness filled the air. I have never seen so many friendly, supportive people. To my surprise there were people there I hadn’t seen since high school and they had come because they knew a friend of a friend. Talk about 6 degrees of separation!

We started with the 7pm regular class. I am VERY thankful we didn’t start with the HOT class first. We had about 12 people in the class. Not bad. I took a deep breath…and went for it! WOW…how easy was that I though right after I finished my 15 minutes. The flow worked well, the music was perfect, and everyone was looking pretty comfortable. I took my spot on the mat while Amanda was leading and couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. I TOTALLY WANNA TEACH YOGA is all I could say over and over in my head. After my turn of doing the practice for Amanda, I went about adjusting students. I really enjoy this because you really get to see when the student finally “gets it” where they connect suddenly to the pose, which then brings them strength, courage and a lot of confidence.
We ran through our flow from what I thought, perfectly! Afterwards I was able to talk to the students that took our class and got a lot of great feedback. I was told it was a basic, but challenging class. We all did very well. They said that they liked how much detail was given, that we had someone at the front always doing the practice so if they were lost they could look upfront, they enjoyed the music, and felt there was something for everyone. My favorite comment was from Amanda’s Mom who told me I had a very soothing voice.

One class down…one to go.

After our first class all 8 of us met up and congratulated each other on a wonderful first experience. We told each other great stories from the class, what we felt worked and what didn’t. Things we might change, or add for the next class…as we did get a second chance to improve.
Balahasaurya’s hot class was a little small, but fun and exciting nonetheless. I was lucky because it was 5 of my friends who came to support. One who had never even done yoga before, but he had the courage to try it, and I think he even might have even enjoyed it. “I came in a negative nelly, but came out happy, that was awesome”
Overall I think it’s safe to say this definitely re-established any feelings of doubt we had with ourselves, or teaching yoga. We ALL did amazing as individuals, and when we came together as a group, we were outstanding.

Thank you to ALL who came out and support our Yoga in Motion fundraiser. With your help we were able to raise over $700 and bring our goal closer to $5000!!! Way to go!
Thank you to my amazing team of beautiful Yogies. Amanda, Marylynn, Kim, Steph, Lindsey, Michelle, Emily, Shannon and Fran. I couldn’t have asked for better group of woman. Your power, love and enthusiasm is what keeps me smiling EVERYDAY!
Thanks TO YOU ALL! xOxO WATCH OUT…TEAM KULA is gonna ROCK IT on APRIL 25TH @ Yoga in Motion, FIGHT FOR A CURE!

This weekend was amazing for me. I was able to have the confidence to teach TWO classes, and restore any feelings of doubt I had in terms of teaching, or who and what I want to be. I am really looking forward to doing many more fundraisers, teaching and one day becoming an amazing yoga teacher and having the ability to unfasten people’s lives to this amazing experience.

"Some people feel the rain...other just get wet"

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