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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In Motion for a Cure

Sunday April 25th, 2010 was our Yoga in Motion double fitness marathon in Toronto at the Liberty Grand. The 8 of us girls have been waiting, preparing and fundraising for this for quite a while now. I’m sad that it’s finished.
It was an amazing day! The 8 of us got to Liberty Grand all ready to go in our matching Tie-dye pants and t-shirts. Thanks to Lindsey for making those for us...they were PERFECT...and a BIG hit! We set up our mats FRONT ROW! We couldn’t believe how many vendors were there and how much FREE stuff we were given. Amanda was in heaven! Everything from lip balm, mat sanitizer, food, juice smoothies, protein powders, gift certificates...we got spoiled! Not to mention ALL the food that was set up for us.

Opening ceremonies started. Dr Shapiro was there and talked about her fight with breast cancer. I had no idea, and her story was VERY moving and inspirational.
Not only was there yoga, there were also Zumba classes going on at the same time. Just picture fast paced, Latin style dancing. I chose to do mostly yoga as I wanted to experience the different teachers and styles. We started and it was a blast! Each teacher brought something very different to the room. Each teacher valued something different. Jp, this one teacher from Octopus Garden had us get a partner and while in Warrior 2 we had to be directly in front, eye to eye. I had someone I had never met before...and WOW this was challenging. It’s strange how uncomfortable we get. Allowing someone to look into the deepest part of ourselves. It makes me realize HOW much the eyes have to say. This is something I’m going to personally work on when speaking to someone. You can really learn a lot.

There were a few people walking around adjusting, and some photographers. We’re almost sure we’ll be on the cover of the poster for next year’s event. So many people talked about how they loved our outfits and energy within our group. I couldn’t agree more. These 8 girls have made my life SO amazing.
During lunch we all brought something to share. We had our own “smorgasbord” of food and it was Yummy! We became friends with the main photographer of the event, Chuck. We’re looking forward to seeing ALL the pictures he took of us.
After the event they had the closing ceremonies. The announced the big group winners, single winner. Thanked us for a job well done and gave us ALL a bag full of goodies. I think i left with 6 bags of something...considering I drove; the trunk of my car was overflowing with everything yoga. It was great!

After, we all decided to go to eat dinner at a place called Fresh. Amazing food, fun atmosphere!
There was also a meditation class that night that a few of the girls were going to. I personally was EXHAUSTED so I didn’t go. 4 of us stayed and the other 4 drove home.
It was all together an amazing event with amazing woman! Team Kula ended with about $4700.

Thank you to ALL who supported us during the last few months. You have been MORE than gracious with your donations and more than supportive with you words of wisdom, time and effort coming to our fundraising events. We couldn’t have done this with the help of our amazing friends and family. We ALL thank you from the bottom of our yoga hearts! We love you! XoXo

Check out over the next couple days to see posted pictures as well as the grand total raised by all of us...SO excited to see the final amount!

This isn’t the end of Team Kula. We’re moving on to bigger fundraisers and events. Keep an eye out for that tie-dye ;)

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