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Friday, April 9, 2010

Ishvara Pranidhana

I wanted to speak with Colin yesterday about my journey so far, and the feelings I’m having. When I started this course I definitely wanted to end up teaching yoga, but had a very different attitude. I didn’t think it would be THIS hard. People think teaching yoga would be easy. Not at all. There’s a lot to consider. What type of yoga, regular or hot temperature, what your focus is, what do you align to? Do you want to adjust or not, and most importantly, how can you make sure that you reach out, have a conversation with everyone of your students so you may enlighten their lives. That’s a lot of pressure! However, I believe when one is ready, these things will come naturally, and if they’re supposed to...they will!

I’m meeting my Aunt Irene this Sunday and excitement would be an understatement! We have so much to talk about, and all I want to do is open my mind and heart and listen, on the other hand I have SO many questions. Nothing in this world is a coincidence...and I truly believe she has become a strong mentor in my life RIGHT NOW for a reason.

Colin mentioned yesterday that getting a Spiritual Guide would be beneficial for me and my journey. This is definitely something I will be looking into.

My aunt sent me an email the other day that really hit close to my heart. It basically reiterates everything I’ve always believed and have tried to set in place for myself. It spoke about “Getting what you want” from life, the universe, and yourself. If you’re familiar with “The Secret” then you’ll be familiar with this law, aka “The Law of Attraction”
After reading a few books on this subject over the, MY life started to make sense. I started practicing it, and without even realizing it, things started to happen. I’m not trying to sound narcissistic, but a lot of things have happened in my life because I MADE them happen. Something’s I didn’t want to happen...however I put the effort into thinking about them and giving my thoughts that type of they did. It’s humorous how I still act shocked when certain things happen...It’s not hard to go back into my mind and find the EXACT feelings that made it materialize. This can also be frustrating because I feel my mind is always racing, which leads to over thinking and self doubting thoughts. I want to learn how to control these thoughts; deactivate the negative and set in motion the positive. I’ve been told that meditation can aid in this if exercised. I’ve been thinking about meditation for a while but every time I tried it was like my mind wasn’t willing to surrender...or was it me? Is it a coincidence that Colin mentioned we’ll be studying meditation with Grant over the next few weeks....again I giggle 
I have learned that there is a big difference between saying “I want this” and practicing the law. You can ask the universe for anything, but when it doesn’t happen, you get upset, you start to think you didn’t deserve it or weren’t good enough. This isn’t the case. Want is NOT enough. When there is something that you want or desire, you also have to remember to surrender. Please note that when I use the term “surrender” I do NOT mean “give up”. Surrendering is allowing yourself to deal with what is being asked of you, and continually be conscious of what arises within. With sincere desire, there is a willingness that needs to be addressed. Are YOU ready for this; are YOU ready to work hard to achieve it? Are YOU ready to deal with the consequences (good or bad) that may occur from getting what you want as well? Sometimes to put something new into place, other things around and in you need to be adjusted. Emotions, conflict and even pain can come of this and this is where some might choose to give up.

“If there is something that you keep fighting in your life, it may hurt a little when you decide to let go."

“When you understand that you control the events of your personal experience by the power of your thought, then your focused attention to that which you want will always bring forth excited emotion -- and the excited emotion is the indicator that your creation is being propelled forward."
"...for as you make those statements -- through your thoughts, or as you voice them aloud, or as you write them on paper/blog -- you will set into motion the creation of those desires."

Colin mentioned to me to continually be conscious of what the universe is asking of me RIGHT NOW. Live my life, embrace what’s coming to me...nothing is a coincidence. Again I ask myself...WHAT DO I WANT...and ADD the question...Am I READY TO SURRENDER to what arises?

I DO want to be a yoga teacher NOW more than ever. After going through the observations, adjustments, and designing my flow for this Saturdays Karma Class It has aligned my attention now more than ever. I want to be like the teachers in my life right now. I want to be able to touch my students lives with strength, compassion and devotion so that their practice in and out of the studio may be as exhilarating as mine has been. I know it’s going to be hard work, inside and out. I am prepared, willing and energized about all that is about to happen in my life...bring it on!

"From now on, I give you my body, my mind and my heart, to do with as you please."

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