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Thursday, March 25, 2010

What do you really...REALLY Want?!?

Last night in Colin’s class he made a reference to the Spice Girls! YES...the Spice girls. My favourite part of Colin’s class is when he shares some spiritual philosophical advice before each practice. I was listening so intently, tuning into what he was saying...and he said the group’s brows furrowed and I lost concentration. “REALLY Colin?!?” It wasn’t only myself who lost it, the entire class laughed. Before assuming he had lost touch with himself...I listened, and gave him the benefit of the doubt. “I KNOW this is going somewhere good!”
He mentioned one of their well known songs “Wannabe” They sing “Tell me what you want...what you really really want” What DO we want in life? What would people say if you asked them this question? How would you answer if asked this question? A lot of people say to be famous, wealthy, beautiful, skinny, fit...does anyone ever just say to be HAPPY?!?! Maybe because they’re already happy? Or maybe because they think THESE things, these superficial things will MAKE them happy? After he asked this question I thought about the game a few of my friends and I play, “Would you rather”

Would you rather be the richest, most beautiful person in the world...but have NO one in your life? OR would you rather be poor, ugly and have a million friends/family? Which do you REALLY REALLY want??? Obviously in this case more will choose the first one. Isn’t there ever an in between? Be in the middle with the money, and still have all your friends and family? For me...that’s where I am. I’m not rich, by any means...but I’m not poor. I do ok. I’m able to purchase things that I want by working hard for appreciate them more this way. I don’t have a million friends, but I have a large family that includes very close friends. If given the choice RIGHT now to go either way...I wouldn’t. I would stay right where I am.

During Yoga class as we got into a posture he asked...”what do you really really want RIGHT NOW?!?” Do you want to force your body into a posture you might not be ready for...but at least you’re doing it? OR do you want to do what YOU can do today, and maybe not touch your toes, reach for the sky, or bend backwards? You might actually gain MORE with the second choice...and never doubt that one day you WILL be there...when you’re ready.

Reality is funny. There are two thoughts on reality. One is that we’re blind to it. We don’t SEE clearly because WE already have preconceived notions of what reality is or is most cases how we THINK it should be. The other thought is that reality is constantly cooking. Sometimes we want to consume it ALL right away; we get over excited and sometimes end up being disappointed because you couldn’t wait, as it wasn’t ready for you. Colin constantly mentions this phrase “when you’re ready, the teacher will appear”
The simple truth is it means when you’re ready for something you will be offered "teachers" or resources to illustrate you the path! The truth is… the path was always there but now your consciousness is abundant and ready to absorb the information to make it more authentic to you. Now you can take advantage and use this information. “When the student is ready.” This basically means when you’re open to the information, and/or growth. The teacher will appear: This means that you will be able to recognize and dynamically seek out the people, places, and information that will help you towards enlightenment.
When you're not ready to learn something you're blocked off to the information. Your mind is congested, and you don't correctly recognize it (YOU’RE BLIND!) You don't acknowledge the truth about it and anything someone tries to educate you about will not really count for the reason that you won't accept it as the truth.

In the end, I guess we DID learn something from the Spice Girls…Who knew!?!

Sometimes is ok to wait for things to be ready for you. Maybe NOW wasn’t the time for you. I don’t believe in “giving up on anything, or anyone” (thanks Tina Auntie) so just let it simmer…and when it’s ready, trust me, it’s never tasted SO good!

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