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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Marjaryasana and Marshmallows

This weekend we had another 4 day retreat. This was EXTRA special because we ALL decided to stay @ Shannon and Lindsey’s place for the entire weekend. This ALSO happens to be where I’m going to be living in about 2 months time.
We were suppose to have our midterm...umm I mean “check in” as Colin would say, on the Thursday night, however we convinced him to let us have one more FULL week (as we only got the outline a few days before) of studying. The midterm will be tomorrow instead.

This weekend was dedicated to adjustments and sequencing. Friday night was my favourite night so far out of this incredible teacher training. It was called “Bring a Stiffy night” WAY too many inside jokes to mention! We had to bring someone to class with us. Someone who wasn’t very flexible, or hadn’t done a lot of yoga before. I knew RIGHT AWAY who I wanted to share this incredible night with. One of my best friends, Seher. We’ve known each other for about 7 years now, and have become very close over the last year. She’s SO supportive, and most of all is VERY real with me. I really respect her, and knew she would have a remarkable time.
Colin and Grant lead our “stiffies” through a basic 60 minute practice, while we got to watch, adjust and assist our friends/family. As soon as Seher came into down dog...I knew I would be challenged! NOT because she couldn’t do it...but because she was amazing in it! Straight back, shoulders integrated, melting heart. I had to step back and realize I wasn’t going to “correct” anything Seher did, just assist in enlightenment. Help her to SHINE! She did! We all had a great time. Some were challenged more than I was, but we all learned so much. Most of all, we all had so much fun. I hope I have brought a new meaning of yoga to Seher, I have no doubt she’ll be in the front row of my classes when I start to teach....or at least the middle ;) Thank you again!

Saturday we mentioned to Colin and Grant how we would love to push our boundaries. We wanted new postures to drive our limits, prove our strength, and test our skills. BOY did they listen! We practiced all day Saturday with poses like bound half moon and bird of paradise and even Vasisthasana variations. We definitely felt it over lunch, and ended up passing out for a nice nap. It also could have been the fact we finished 4 bottles of wine the night before and stayed up until 3am....??
We all went back to our “Sorority” house for the weekend to celebrate Earth hour. We made an amazing dinner, drank a few bottles of wine by candle light and spent the remainder of the evening by the bon fire eating marshmallows, S'mores, drinking wine and telling stories. I really do love each other these girls. Each of them have brought something into my life and have opened me up to something only dreams are made of. Like I have always believed... Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. I am really looking forward to ALL the adventures and journey’s to come with these amazing special people.

Sunday was the same, except we focused a lot of inversions. This is something that challenges me. I LOVE being in the pose...but getting into SCARES me. Colin came over to help me in as he has always noticed I collapse my chest and heart when I try. He always gives me a good positive empowering speech before we start. I realize getting up into the full expressing shouldn’t be my main focus. I try to bypass the start when I need to stay integrated and open so I am able to move into the full expression. I’m going to work on just the beginning for now. Making sure I’m staying enlightened and strong.
We worked with partners to be able to get into the full expression, and actually feel what the pose was like. Amanda and I worked together. I really do enjoy having Amanda as one of my good friend and in my life. We think alike, and have a lot in common. She was able to support me, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I was able to come into handstand, headstand and Scorpio...which I never thought (right now) I would be able to do. What an amazing feeling, very powerful. There is something about being upside down that I really enjoy...I guess it’s the unnatural feeling of the unknown. You really are viewing the world differently...what a gift!

Thank you to my amazing friends and amazing teachers for another adventure into the mind, body and soul.

“Surrendering might feel like defeat....but THIS tastes like VICTORY!”

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