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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In a nutshell...

Yoga in Motion: so far to date our Team Kula has raised over $2600 for our breast cancer fundraiser in April. We just started our fundraising evenings of fun and so far they have been a success. Last Sunday Michelle held the book sale at her house from 3-10pm and most people came and cleared them out before 6pm! Most of our books came from family and friends, along with a few donations from our teachers from Yoga. As we looked through the books...we realized that a lot of them we wanted to hide and keep for ourselves because they were SUCH great books...but we let our friends and family have first pick.

On April 10th the 8 of us will be holding our very own KARMA CLASS! 4 classes, two hot, two regular. We’re going to be leading our friends and family through a few practices such as Yoga Bootcamp, Yoga Goddess, Ashtanga primary, and Hatha. This will be the first time we going to be leading adjusting, assisting on our own. We’ll all be taking turns leading through the practice, while the others walk around and help to enlighten the practicing students.
This is something I am really looking forward too. We were given the studio for the night by our amazing yoga teachers. What a blessing. This way everyone who comes to practice will be able to have full use of the amazing facilities on site, as well as eat at the amazing Wild Seed food bar when finished. I’ll be able to show all the special people in my life what I have accomplished so far, and share in my love for yoga with them. Some of them have never taken, or even seen a yoga practice, I am VERY excited. Maybe I’ll even spark a few interests and lead the way for some new future yogi’s

Our classes have been sort of slow lately as we’re still trying to get through the “30 postures to liberation” These postures will help us in further our knowledge in future postures that we learn. We’re learning the General Form, main actions, focal point, modifications, props, common misalignments, and adjustments. For EACH posture. As you can imagine this takes a while. After getting up and actually doing the pose and learning all of the above, we really only get through about 3 or 4 per class. I do find this very interesting, and as we go through easier because with a lot of the poses you’re doing the same actions. It almost makes me just want to write “see previous posture” for each posture after that.
We’ve continued to observe the classes. I picked Grant, Colin and Megan’s class to observe, and EACH was VERY different from the rest. I learned something about the teacher, the practice, the students and myself in each observation. This was one of my most favourite activities. I especially enjoyed Grants two hour Ashtanga practice. Watching Grant practice yoga is very much like watching a school of fish move together through the water. SO precise, so fluent, so strong, and so very beautiful. At one point during the class he used the phrase “no float to the top of your may” I had to laugh because he ACTUALLY FLOATS!! I know it must take immense strength, power and concentration...but with him it just looks natural.
There are too many pros that have come into my life taking this course. The friends I’ve made have been one of the biggest highlights. Supportive, genuine, caring, hilarious, bubbly...just to name a few attributes. I believe these friendships will be everlasting. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the future holds with these friendships...So exciting!

I’ve recently shown signs of my body actually changing...for the better. Took long enough! Half way through the course and I’ve lost 15lbs to date...and probably a LOT more inches. Not everything has been so positive though. I recently dislocated a rib on my left side. WOW did that hurt, especially when BREATHING! Something I REALLY need to be aware of during yoga...suddenly became SO hard. At times I would try to avoid it...which had its perils. I spoke to a few people in my class who had had this before, two chiropractor friends, and my teachers. They all’s VERY painful, but not life threatening. I had actually seen this on a show “1000 Ways to Die” probably not the most intelligent thing to you can imagine...I was pretty scared. Anyways, after a crazy class with Colin, some stretching with my other yoga teacher Marinella and some adjustments...I’m ALMOST healed.
Speaking of “healed” I’ve been talking to my Aunt Irene recently. She read blog and emailed me about my feet, and these oils that she herself had been using. We continued to talk over the last few weeks. I was amazed by how alike we were. We both are very spiritual people, and think along the same lines. She knows her stuff! I trust and believe her completely. I really enjoy reading her thoughts on these things, as I am always interested in finding out about new ways to heal the body without invasive surgery or complicated medications. Currently I’m using pure lemon oil and pink grapefruit oils on my feet, along with love and positive affirmations to help heal. I’m really looking forward to the outcome...I have nothing to lose! I’ve always believed that I have a heightened ability to not only heal, and in due course get the things I want. I know this may sound egotistical, but when you have had it proven to you over and over can you not believe?!? This obviously isn’t the way for everyone, and I would never force it upon anyone...I just hope people understand that this is MY way, and please don’t judge. I’m getting together with my Aunt in April for lunch and to talk about life, our journeys, our proceedings...and whatever else comes up. I’m really happy that my Aunt and I have become closer...this is a great feeling!! I know this is truly the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

In 4 days I will turn 27!! WOW...time flies! I have been reading about “My return to Saturn”: The Saturn Return is an astrological phenomenon that occurs at the ages of 27-30, 58-60, and finally from 86-88, coinciding with the time it takes the planet Saturn to make one orbit around the sun. At this time a person crosses over a major threshold and into the next stage of life.
Interesting...I wonder what the world has in store for me?! I’m ready, willing and excepting as I KNOW it’s for my own good, for me to succeed and BE GREAT!


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