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Thursday, December 24, 2009

“What you focus on, grows”

I went to my 90min class last night. I was very excited because my teacher, Colin was the instructor. I’ve never done a hot yoga practice with him (Just a 2 ½ hour regular temperature practice, during our class)

There was only about 15 people there, I’m sure everyone else was busy with family/Christmas/holiday/shopping stuff. I still can’t believe I won’t have any classes for two weeks...going through major withdrawal!

I set my mat up at the front of the class. I’m proud of myself that now I’m able to survive at the front now, as it is the hottest part of the room. Colin came in and started off with a quote, “What you focus on, grows” I smiled! This quote has been lingering with me for a few months; ever since I read the book “The game of life, and how to play it.” One of the most fascinating, incredible books I’ve ever read. It really makes sense, whatever and where ever you put all your concentration, heart and soul into, grows. Gets better, or can get worse. The phrase “I can’t” should be banned from the English dictionary in my mind. If you “can’t” you won’t! You’ll never get any further in life with those thoughts, you’ve basically set the bar and committed to the fact that you CAN’T do what you would like to accomplish. When you focus on the good, what already is and set your goals to what could be, you’ll be astonished with what can and will happen. I’m not a religious person what so ever, but I do believe “what you ask for, you shall receive”'s been proven to me time and time again.

During the class I realized that I wasn’t sweating as much as I usually do. I’m getting better, stronger. However, does that mean I’m not pushing myself beyond my boundaries anymore, therefore not working hard enough? Maybe I’m just getting use to the heat? Colin asked us how we were feeling, was it too hot, too cool? I’m the only one who mentioned I wasn’t as hot as I usually was. Colin walked over to the thermostat. “Devon, you’re right, it’s only a cool 46.4 degrees” I guess I am getting use to it.

Over the holidays my discipline will be to push myself to where I’m uncomfortable, but still at the advantage of the pose. Your discipline should always be rewarding, never punishment. I’m going to focus on going deeper in my stretch, focus on my balance, focus on quieting my mind and opening my heart. Whatever I focus on, will grow!

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holiday to all!!!

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