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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kula's 830 class with friends

I went to class tonight, although I probably shouldn’t have as I wasn’t feeling my best. I knew the hot, and relaxation would do me good though. Not to mention the fact I was meeting 4 friends from class…and I couldn’t let them down.

Dan, Amanda, Lindsey and I went to the front, set up our mats and instead of laying down preparing ourselves mentally and spiritually for the practice…we practiced! You can always tell the Yoga students apart from the regulars. I helped Lindsey align her down dog, and we all took notes on each others poses, and postures.

Our instructor Megan began our class in savasana, as usual. It’s her thing, and I like it. Coming full circle in a practice to me makes sense. We started strong with a lot of core work. It’s funny, when she calls for down dog, a little part of me cringes now. I NEED A NEW MAT!!! Mine slips, and the stupid over priced towel I bought that’s suppose to be NON slip…makes it more slippery! I guess Christmas is coming….Santa??

Overall, even though it was only an hr class (WAY too short for me, and Lindsey!) It was a great class. I really enjoyed going with my yoga friends. Personally it makes me work harder, feel stronger, and the energy that’s fed off each other is divine. I also learned more about my 3 friends. Dan is a fireman, Lindsey loves highlighters and is super structured, Amanda needs me to face book her every Tuesday night, and we also have the same dog! These people just keep getting better and better. I look forward to having more of our friends join our Tuesday night get together @ Kula!

This weekend is our 4 day yoga retreat. Thursday to Sunday, overall it’s 24hrs of yoga! I am SO excited. Wish me LUCK!

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