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Monday, November 2, 2009

“Equal qualities of both steadiness and joy…at least I have the joyful down!”

For those who don’t know me, or those who do, and just haven’t heard yet. I will be training for the next year to become a yoga instructor at Kula Yoga. I have been thinking about this for a little over 2 years now, since the first time I went to my first yoga class. Actually, that’s a lie! The first time I went to a hot yoga class, I came home, called my brother, who was my inspiration for going, and told him I would never go back! It was too hot, and too hard! He told me to give it one more chance. I did…and I’ve continued to go back to hot yoga for over two years now.

I have decided to blog about my journey over the next year so I can learn more about myself, and share my journey with the people I love. Recently I have been strongly moved by a close friend’s mother whose blog became part of my daily routine. Although at times it was hard to read as she was dealing with some very tough situations, her stories always made me smile, as she has a way of finding strength and light in her struggles. I know this will be hard…and I hope to also find my strength and light.

You might have noticed that odd looking language as my title for my blog. It’s Sanskrit, and means “The apprentice”

My brother wasn’t the only one who inspired me. It was also two instructors at Kula names Kinndli and Joanna. Two very different people, two very different styles of teaching. I learned a lot from them, and they both planted the thought in my head of setting out on a journey of my own, and becoming a part of the Kula yoga family.

This is a pretty intense course. Every Thursday from 6-10, then one weekend a month which consist of 25 hrs of yoga/learning, spread out from Friday to Sunday. I will not mention the RIDICULOUS cost for this course…but know that the capital letters represent!

The course is 8 months long and requires me to practice on my own apart from my classes at least 3 times a week. If I don’t have a killer body by the end of 8 months…I have NO idea what it will take.

That is not the reason I’ve decided to go on this journey. Although I know it will end of being very beneficial for me physically, I’m looking forward to how beneficial it will be for me mentally and spiritually.

I’m looking forward most to finding my balance, my center…myself.

Today I went for my first class again in almost 7 months. Once I moved back from BC, purchasing a pass to hot yoga was the first thing I did as it was much needed. I went hard and strong attending classes 4 times a week, always mornings, for 90 minutes. My passes…and money ran out, as I didn’t have a job yet. I had to give up Yoga, and continue my exercise somewhere a little less expensive. I joined the gym…along with all my friends. I enjoyed it! It was a lot of fun…very social! I noticed my body transforming, differently than my already flexible yoga body. After 10 months at the gym, I noticed today in my hot yoga class…I am no longer flexible. I am tight in my hips, shoulders, even my savasana (laying flat on the ground aka Corpse Pose) was off.

I lay there in my savasana at the end of my 90 minute class, listening to what I think is Robert Pattinson playing the guitar. I smile. Not because of “Edward” but because I realize what a journey this will be for myself! I have a LONG way to go, and a lot of work to do!

I am READY! Mentally I am so excited, physically I can still touch my toes…so I’m on the right path, and spiritually I am alive…and also VERY HOT! I miss sweating!


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  1. My dear Devon,
    Just the realisation that you need to make this journey, is half the journey done. Since I have quite a few friends who are quite ahead of you in this adventure, I know that you are on the right path. Remember, any venture which does not require hard work, is not worth taking. So good luck and all the best