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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Breath is enough

I draw sweet air
Deeply and long,
As pure as prayer,
As sweet as song.
Where lilies glow
And roses wreath,
Heart-joy I know
Is just to breathe.

Ah, so I think
By shore or sea,
As deep I drink
Of purity.
This brave machine,
Bare to the buff,
I keep ice-clean,
Breath is enough.

From mountain stream
To covert cool
The world, I deem,
Is wonderful;
The great, the small,
The smooth, the rough,
I love it all,--
Breath is enough.

Breath: To inhale and exhale air, especially when naturally and freely.

“especially ???”

It’s a little ironic that the most important thing to ones yoga practice also happens to be the hardest thing to achieve. It’s also the one thing when you’re born; you already know how to do.

So when placed in an uncomfortable and sometimes painful posture…it just stops?

I walked into my yoga practice today. A little sore from yesterday, but felt great. I placed my mat and towel down, and walked over to the opposite side of the room to grab two blocks and a strap. Right away I noticed I was holding my breath. It didn’t smell, I wasn’t nervous, it was about 38 degrees, but I love the heat, so I knew that wasn’t it.

I decided right away that I would direct my focus today on my breath, during my postures, and right through my flows. I needed to make sure I was breathing into my sides, deep, hollowing my stomach, in and out through my nose, all while trying to make that noise that everyone makes. I’m trying to do all of this and balance in reverse warrior…why am I getting dizzy?

Oh...I’m holding my breath!!!

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