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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Being A Yoga teacher I get asked a LOT what my thoughts of Lululemon are. Honestly, I LOVE it! Yes, it’s expensive, but these days you really do get what you pay for. For me, I haven’t HAD to spend lots of money for LuLulemon because what I purchase LASTS, it’s more so because I want to OWN everything in the store.

Yesterday a yoga student approached me after class and practically tore Lululemon apart RIGHT in front of me. She was saying how she didn’t like the clothes, and thought they were VERY over priced, and the quality had diminished over the years. I’m not going to lie, I kinda wanted to hurt her, but everyone is open to their own opinion and I can respect that.
I DO agree to an extent. Lululemon is on the pricy side...ok I’m lying, they’re VERY expensive. BUT, like I said, ONE pair of Lulu pants have lasted me over 3 years. You also need to take care of these particular items if you want them to last as well. I wear my yoga clothes EVERYDAY, whether it be before, during or after my practice. I have a set for EVERY day, EVERY mood and EVERY situation. Lululemon doesn’t only sell clothing for the active, but for the everyday too. Some of the clothing you might not even realize is part of the brand. They’re also known for making ANY butt look pretty perfect!
One of the things I learned about Lululemon is they support their community Yoga teachers. They have programs such as Lululemon Ambassadors, Morning Community Yoga classes at local Lulu stores, and they make an effort to get to know YOU as a person.
One of the best meetings I ever had was when a Lululemon educator came to take my class and chat with me after. She appreciated my yoga, my opinion, my life AND ME!

It’s not just the clothing I love about this particular brand, it’s what they stand for, their “manifesto”

Reading these little quotes brings a smile to my face every time. Check it out, and see if there isn’t ONE thing YOU can relate to. They promote teachers of all sorts in and around their community. They believe in being GREEN in everything they do. The BEST part, they’re CANADIAN!

Why do I love Lululemon?

They bring out the best of me, my body and HELP me achieve greatness! Thank you Lululemon!


  1. I cannot agree more.. I LOVE lulu and their manifesto is how I strive to live my life everyday! And yes, the best part is they are CANADIAN! :)

    (I will continue to splurge on their clothing's worth it.)

  2. I love love love lululemon as well. My wallet hurts with every purchase, but it does last forever!