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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Method to my Madness

Yesterday’ class was tough! It was the first class after the time change and I could tell everyone was feelin it, including myself. I needed to wake up and get energized.
At the end of my class yesterday one of my students asked if I had joined the police force because I was on everyone’s case about keeping certain parts of their bodies aligned. I didn’t take offense to this, but needed to explain WHY I do the things I do.
As I lead my class through a flow I’m walking around assisting, adjusting and ultimately helping each of them obtain the MOST from each posture. I’m constantly telling them “It’s not about the pose, it’s about getting the pose to work for you and your body” This is what my mentor told me and has really resonated in me ever since.
I explain to my students not to follow their neighbour, or try to look like their teacher, it’s about FEELING the pose and working one on one, listening to your body to know where and how to move next. Whether you’re moving forward and taking the pose a little deeper, or realizing you’re in pain and taking a step back. Ultimately finding the balance between easy, too difficult and playing within YOUR boundaries.
There are times I’ll walk around and I’ll observe my students faces. They look like they’re in more pain than they’ve ever been in, and I’ll question their motives. WHY are you doing this to yourself, and I’ll ask them what they’re getting out of it. I’ll direct them into something a little more valuable for their bodies and they get it. I GET that they WANT to challenge themselves, who doesn’t? However, when it comes to manoeuvring your body into positions you’re not ready for, this can at the end of the day end up doing more damage than good.
Adjustments are made not to “correct” you because you’re doing something wrong; as yoga teachers, we’re not trying to be on your case about keeping certain parts aligned, flexed, bent or flat...we’re merely looking out for your safety, and overall wellness.

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  1. those are all marvelous questions!! and that is also one of my favorite thoughts whilst I am practicing - there is no such thing as a perfect pose; the pose is perfect just the way you are. <3