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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


As I was starting to design my sequence for my class tonight, one of my regular yogi’s popped into my head. Actually, just her voice did. A few weeks ago she asked if the postures would become more difficult. I advised her that I always lead a basic class and give the option to flow deeper if it felt right for your body, at that time. I told her in the future we would definitely move to more challenging postures, but as of right now I have more new people in my class everyday and don’t want to “frighten” them away from yoga by making it too difficult. As much as I talk about only going as far as YOUR body will allow, and repeating my favourite phrase by one of my mentors “It’s not about getting the pose, it’s about getting the pose to work for you” I know that takes time to sink in to everyone’s brain. I still watch as my yogi’s push themselves to bend, stretch further than they’re ready for, I can only show them the path, and it’s up to them to choose to follow. Most of the time they back out because of the pain, and I’m able to show them that if they’re patient and surrender to what is, good things will happen within them and they WILL get to where THEY want to be in THEIR practice.

There are a lot of things I value in a practice, my practice specifically. I enjoy sequencing poses that lead to deeper postures working out every muscle in the body. Every pose works in conjunction with the next pose to move you through the entire flow. To me, that’s what sequencing is all about. Personally in my practice I would never have pigeon near the start of the flow, I always have it towards the end as there are a lot of things that need to release before getting into a deep hip opening pose like that. I feel it would be more beneficial to open and release those muscles first, therefore being able to really reap the full benefits of the pose in the end.

I remember my roommate, Lindsey coming to me asking what my opinion was with starting with a pose early in her sequence like fire log. I appreciate her style and need to really push the limits of her students. At the time I was very surprised that she would do that to her poor students (LOL) BUT she explained to me her reasoning behind it and I was very much impressed, and ultimately taken to a new level of sequencing, and in the end true surrendering.
Have you ever tried a 6am HOT yoga class? Ya, me neither! However, I have made it to the 9am classes before and had a few battles with my body/mind. The last thing your body wants to do in the morning is stretch (maybe that’s just mine?) especially in a HOT room. You’re tired, you’re sore, you’re STIFF! Especially if you’re like me who works out at night and can feel it first thing in the morning. I know my body NEEDS it, but tend to fight against rather than submit.

Look at this as a gift rather than an annoyance. Where usually at the end of a long day you might be able to touch your toes; you’re NO where NEAR that first thing in the morning. Knowing you’ve done it before, puts you in the state of mind where you might push yourself beyond what your body is allowing at the time and end up doing more damage than good. This is a great time to recognize where you’re at right now, and really let go of what you expect from yourself. Be in the present and fully enjoy where your body is right then and there.

Who knows where you might reach to tomorrow? What I have learned in the past is that it will be greater height’s if you simply practice TODAY.

Oh ya, regarding my last blog that I simply ignored because at the time I was slightly (not gonna lie) a little disappointed. I have since then decided to look at the positives and realize how CLOSE I am to achieving another one of my goals.
I have been given the opportunity to teach Sunday yoga classes @ LuLu Lemon in Oakville starting in the New Year. AMAZING! Not only will I be a part of this amazing community of yoga teachers, athletes, and inspiring human beings, I will also be able to learn more about the company and integrate as much of myself into this amazing manifesto.

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