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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Benefits to being Flexible

I talk to a lot of people about yoga and the benefits every day. A lot of my male clients and most of the males I speak to about yoga are interested but always respond with

“I’m not flexible enough…”

#WaysToPissOffAYogaTeacher …enough said…

There are two things to consider; the physical and the philosophical. Let’s start with the physical. Being flexible is all about being fit and healthy. If we are suffering from rigid bodies, we lack mobility and balance, and are more likely to be at risk for injury, discomfort, and/or even disease. It makes sense, right? If you have tight stiff muscles you’re more likely to injure, pull or tear something within yourself than someone who has a better range of motion.

There has also been studies done to show that having an improved range of motion helps with blood circulation and increases joint synovial fluid, which is a lubricating fluid that promotes the transportation of nutrients to the joints' articular cartilage. This will all help in drastically reducing joint deterioration and overall maintaining optimum health.

Now onto the philosophical. No one wants to suffer from being prisoners to our own senses; as we seek to quench our bodies desires, or to relinquish pain or suffering in our bodies. I can’t think of anything more hindering than a tight, unwilling body. I remember being very frustrated when I couldn’t reach my toes or open as far as I can now. It was exasperating, and inevitably the tighter we are, the less able we are to move freely, and the more we are likely to suffer from aches and pains and/or one day, complete immobility. Having a strong flexibly vessel means we’re able to free ourselves from our body and move forward focused on meditation which in turn opens our minds/spirits.

Overall health and happiness are the bottom lines to why flexibility is so important. Take advantage of the one thing you have control over, your health!

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