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Monday, February 14, 2011

♥LOVE & Yoga♥

Why do you L♥VE yoga? Is it the way it makes you feel during, or after your practice? Is it the tranquillity and relaxation it provides? Is it because of the studio, the students and/or the teacher that guides you? During and after your practice I advise you all to tune in and ask yourself WHY do I love yoga?

Celebrating everything to do with LOVE today I thought I would share with you why LOVE & YOGA go hand in hand.

Prevents fatigue: It’s doesn’t matter what yoga you practice whether it be Hatha, Vinyasa, Anusara or Yin all yoga will help you feel energetic like any exercise will. This will help with the sensations in your body and awaken the internal organs. Coming home from a long day at work and going straight to the couch will not help your love life. This will only increase the sluggishness and sometimes even cause insomnia. Yoga is a great way to improve your sleeping habits and make sure you wake up feeling well rested.

Promotes Confidence: Everyone who has done yoga can vouch for the amazing workout you receive. Yoga helps build muscle, trim the body of fat and helps lengthen the body by improving posture. When you look good, you feel good both inside and out therefore making you shine brighter, increase confidence and more attractive to the opposite sex.

Intimacy kick-start: When you feel better physically and more in tune with your body mentally you’re more likely to connect better with your partner. Communication is key not just with your partner but with yourself; that automatically translates to a better love life for the both of you.

Appreciate life: Yoga helps promote good vibes in all aspects of yourself; mentally physically, spiritually, and emotionally. When people feel good about themselves, they’ll reap the positive benefits that yoga has to offer they are less likely to abuse their bodies with drugs, alcohol and foods that aren’t good for you. Keeping the body and mind in good shape will result in a better mental state and overall feeling of happiness.

LOVE for YOU: Yoga increases your awareness within. Being happy will ultimately assist in getting rid of the negative things in life like negative banter, draining relationship, careers without passion and purpose, tension in body, stress, and unhealthy habits and/or addictions. You will feel better about setting goals and taking the steps to achieve them. ALL of this results in better love life with the partner too and you can work on reaching your goals together and making sure you support each other as well.

Love for yourself, others and the world we share, Happy♥Valentines♥Day & Namaste.

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