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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

180 degrees

What an incredible week so far!

I had the privilege of meeting with my amazing Aunt, Irene again last Sunday. As you’ve probably read before, we have a lot in common, our views are similar and we definitely “GET” each other. Talking to her is simple for me because she gets me...and “it”. Most of the time I don’t even have to explain; she understands. This is refreshing for me as I delve deeper into myself, the universe and world around me. Understandably...a lot of questions have come up.
This last Sunday we touched a lot on the power of your own thoughts, emotions and especially your own words. It’s funny how I arrive there confused, anxious and sometimes upset because of these feelings and always without a doubt end up leaving happy, excited, somewhat overwhelmed...but calm. I think every visit I’ve cried, but laughed immediately after because I KNOW things can change, and I believe it. I’ve witnessed it happen!

One of the main focuses for my future that we wanted to work on was my yoga business. I was still at working at the gym Planet Workout, putting in my hrs weekly, but still not getting the results I wanted. I know what I had to do, but something was missing. I knew I needed some guidance and ultimately a little reassurance. I make a conscious effort to change my thinking, and just be grateful with how far I’ve come.
Last night my good friend Tania came to my class. She attends regularly, and she’s a BLAST to practice with. She’s confident, strong and always has a smile on her face. Practicing with her tends to be more playful and experimental as I know she’s very open and easy going. I try a lot of new things out with her because she’s always willing and excited. Last night I told her we were working towards inversions, and I would have her upside down by the end of the class. Half way through our class I had a woman come in asking about the yoga and if I would be ok with her participating for the rest of the class so she could try it out. I gladly welcomed her in. We had met before when I first started teaching at Planet workout, and I hadn’t seen her since. I was excited she was interested again. I do have to admit it caught me off guard as Tania and I had already been practicing for about 40 minutes and we’re very close to going upside down. I took a breath and moved forward combining a few more easy flows and postures that would allow the new woman to become more relaxed, flexible and aware, and ultimately allowing Tania to further increase her flexibility. They both did amazing, and the combined energy of these two strong, excited, passionate women made everything flow together nicely. I don’t think they noticed when I paused and had to take a minute to think. Towards the end of the flow I still wanted to guide Tania into an L Hang at the wall, but wasn’t sure how my new student would take to this. I was playing with the thoughts of coming on too strong, and her not wanting to take my classes because she thought they might be too difficult? I made sure my new student was comfortable and gave her the option to watch or participate if she felt comfortable enough. Surprisingly she jumped right into it. Both Tania and my new student got over their fear of the unknown and got into L Hang, or more so a Handstand prep. They both said out loud “I can’t believe I was able to get up” I was very proud, and had to contain the excitement of wanting to explore more inversions.
The 3 of us spent a little time after class getting to know each other and talking about our fitness programs, schedules and life styles. We learned a lot about each other, and it gave me more of a perception of what I needed to change about my yoga classes. Tania and I both left feeling grateful, stretched, proud, and happy as my new student’s energy level was so uplifting and joyful.
Afterwards, Tania and I went to see a movie. I’m the type of person who gets very annoyed by the other people who are on their phones during the movie. Unexpectedly, my phone buzzed (I did put it on silent at least) I received and email. Usually, I would just wait until the end of the movie to check my phone...but something inside me made me check it right then and there. I’m surprised I could take my eyes off the screen as it was a movie starring Drew Barrymore who I absolutely LOVE!
I checked the email and it was from the owners of Planet Workout. They wanted to hire me on, and put me on the payroll...STARTING TOMORROW! I basically had to use ALL my power NOT to jump up and scream. I showed Tania the email and we sat there shaking, giggling trying to share a very quiet freak out session. Disappointingly I’m not sure what happened in the movie as all I could think about what this amazing opportunity and the fact that I KNEW if I stuck with it, gave it my all, and believed in myself...everything would eventually pay off!

THIS is what I have been waiting for, and now it’s here! My hours and days will change, and I’ll be able to implement an actual schedule, workshops, and generate an actual consistent clientele. I am so excited to construct my weekly classes and bring something new and exciting to Planet Workout.

I am ecstatic with the way things are going and I am continually grateful for all I have been given.

Thank you!

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  1. Handstand pose can be really great for core strength. And it’s not as challenging as it looks. For pointers, Leeann Carey has a great free yoga video that I thought your readers might like: